About the project?

  • • Its endless runner game.It is the first game I developed for mobile.

What did I learn?

  • • I learnt about mobile game development in unreal engine, how to make simple power-ups, obstacles, packaging of the project, made simple objects in 3ds max, simple power-up, basic blueprinting to make an endless runner game and jump control.


  • • Make a mobile game.
  • • Learn about mobile game development in unreal.
  • • Polish blueprint skills..

Challenges faced and how I overcame them.

    • I had some issues with the project not packaging.
  • Fix: It was a problem with some files not being updated, not being located and some being too advance for the engine to be used.
  • • Player not able to use power-up.
  • Fix: It was a problem with the timer and variable referencing in the blueprint.


    • Game difficulty was easy.
  • Fix: To make it a bit more difficult I increased the speed which added after the player passed through the colliders that acted like a checkpoint.
  • • UI not showing properly in the device.
  • Fix: I had to re-adjust the size of the screen display ratio and re package the game.


  • 2 Weeks


  • Unreal Engine 4


  • Endless Runner

Skills I learned

  • Mobile development
  • 3D Modelling
  • UI
  • Materials
  • Blueprints
  • Bug testing
  • Playtesting